Roar Wilhelmsen are determined that provisions regarding health, safety and environmental standards in business fulfilled completely. Everyone who works for the company, or use our services should be assured that the law is complied with.

Report deviation / injury

HSE work at Roar Wilhelmsen AS

Health, safety and environment (HSE) is a collective term for work with health care, environmental protection, environment, safety and security for staff and users. Facilitating HSE will prevent injuries and environmental disturbances, secure businesses employees a healthy work environment and ensure residents and users of construction a good outdoor and indoor environment.

The Planning and Building Act enjoins to pay attention to health and safety under government planning of land use, by permits for construction works and technical requirements for new buildings, plant and other measures.

All businesses will work systematically with HSE according to Directive Systematic health and safety work in enterprises Internal Control Regulations) or the Framework Regulations (petroleum business).

HMS construction sites apply building regulations that are established pursuant to the Working Environment Act. In this regulation the term safety, health and working with the abbreviation SHA.

For public procurement above $ 100,000 – excluding VAT should providers submit a written and signed HSE statement where they must confirm that they will follow safety rules.

Roar Wilhelmsen sikter høyt

The objective of the HSE to Roar Wilhelmsen

Through systematic efforts to improve workplace safety uses Roar Wilhelmsen great resources to achieve goals. The overall objectives are:

  • No absences / injuries to personnel
  • No sickness related to work
  • No pollution of the environment
  • No damage to vehicles and other materials

The means to accomplish this are:

Roar Wilhelmsen jobs at all levels in order to achieve the objectives.

  • Training of personnel
  • Good planning of jobs
  • Safe Job Analysis (SJA) in all risk jobs
  • Documentation heavy lift missions
  • Working Manuals for larger projects
  • Social measures

Quality thinking

Roar Wilhelmsen should have quality thinking at all levels and our mission must always be carried out with the highest degree of safety and quality.

At all levels of the organization, efforts shall be made by the following principle: First HSE – then operations and finance. Our overriding objective is that it should not happen accidentally or occur damage to people, materials or the environment. The company will work with continuous improvement in environmental, health and safety.

Our most important resource is our people and we want every employee to feel appreciated. Employee experience and expertise are key quality and safety factors for the services we perform.

HSE in practice

  • Fall protection is required when working at height.
  • Visual inspection of lifting equipment is part of the operator’s daily routines.
  • Safety training on the way is important.
  • Safe job analysis is an important part of the job on the construction site. 

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