Information to suppliers

Information to suppliers


if you are going to send an invoice to Roar Wilhelmsen AS, please note that we are introducing new routines for suppliers as of November 13, 2023.

Many of these points are a reminder of previous criteria for you as a supplier. Invoices received that do not follow these criteria will be rejected and consequently will not be paid.

We kindly ask you to remember the following:

– Invoices should preferably be sent to us in EHF format

– Invoices to us must be marked with a requisition number that you have received from the buyer. This should be placed in the OrderReference/ID on EHF invoices. NB! Requisition numbers such as “5000” or “Miscellaneous” are not accepted.

– Invoices must always be marked with the buyer’s e-mail address. This should preferably be entered in the BuyerReference field.

– We would also like to remind you of our organization number, which is 922 768 099.

If you are unable to send on EHF, please send invoices to:

Any other information can be sent to:

Invoices that do not contain information about a valid reference number and buyer will automatically be rejected. It is therefore very important that you remember this.

If you have any questions, please contact our accountant directly:

Nicklas Isnes +47 900 55 445

Gry Eriksen +47 969 10 000

With kind regards

Roar Wilhelmsen AS


Jan-Erik Stolp,, 930 84 272

Operations manager

Hans Roar Wilhelmsen,, 932 24 024

Head of machines

Anders Wilhelmsen,, 473 88 781

Mobile crane coordinator

Per Sørlie,, 909 31 000

Crane Truck coordinator

Svein Olav Ruud,, 922 56 700

Insurances & HMS

Magnus Johannessen,, 959 19 252


Jane Dahl,, 40 41 37 88